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Space Enterprise Community

Astroverse are proud to be supported by the Space Enterprise Community, a new online platform designed to help facilitate growth in the UK space sector. The Network achieves this through connecting commercial, academic, research and public sector stakeholders from each region with one another while also raising awareness of the mutual goals that many of us are working towards.

The Space Enterprise Community will help highlight potential synergies and collaborations, stimulating ideas and conversations and providing a gateway to collated resources, events, links and contacts that might otherwise be difficult to identify. 

Their ambition is to allow the network to grow organically, based on the needs of its users and the way in which they interact with one another.  While their aim is for the platform to ultimately become the go-to resource for space sector professionals, they also acknowledge the existence of other platforms that are already in place across the UK, and are committed to working with them to help collectively benefit the UK and its place within the global space community.