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04/03/2021Shooting for the Stars – The first Half Century of ESA Mission OperationsRAeSThis lecture will recall the milestones of ESOC’s history from the point of view of the presenter, who experienced directly in the control rooms the last three and a half decades of ESA mission operations. The emotions, the dramas and successes of the past, which have created ESOC’s huge and unique reservoir of experience, are highlighted through anecdotes and real life stories of mission control.Go to this eventYes
04/03/2021Skynet and Beyond, the UK’s Satellite Communications System and Branch AGMRAeSPatrick Wood will explore Skynet, a resiliant, flexible and secure communications system for the military. He will discuss the challenges of building and launching the space assets as well as the parallel challenge of delivering a new ground infrastructure, all as part of the largest Private Financed Initiative the UK MoD had at the time.Go to this eventYes
04/03/2021Connect Harwell Nxt Gen: Speaker Session with Oxford Space SystemsHarwellHubDr. Keyer Mistry, Manisha Kushwaha and Samuel Puche from Oxford Space Systems will discuss their antenna development journey including RF performance, mechanical design and analysis and assembly and test. This also includes a networking session.Go to this eventYes

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Joshua Finn is a graduate engineer working for Thales UK. He holds a Masters degree in Space Exploration Systems and a Bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering Josh is involved in volunteering roles for a wide range of STEM institutions and is dedicated to widening participation in the space industry for young professionals and students.


Myles Johnson is a Systems Engineer in the UK space industry, and a recent International Space University (ISU) Space Studies Program Alumni, with a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. Myles is passionate in growing the UK Space entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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